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Google Conversion Optimizer more Accessible

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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 17:50
Google has recently announced that their Google AdWords Conversion Optimizer, an AdWords CPA (cost per acquisition) bidding feature is available to more campaigns. Any campaign with at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days is now eligible to use Conversion Optimizer. These conversions can be tracked either through AdWords Conversion Tracking or as linked Google Analytics goals.

A recent analysis showed that campaigns which adopted Conversion Optimizer achieved a 21% increase in conversions while at the same time decreasing their CPA by 14% (on average and in comparison to similar campaigns).

An example of this improvement can be seen in PRWeb, who describe the results they saw from Conversion Optimizer as "phenomenal". Meg Walker, the Director of Online Marketing for PRWeb, initially turned to Conversion Optimizer in order to improve PRWeb's campaign management and results. Within a week she was able to see the value of Conversion Optimizer for driving incremental conversions at lower costs. Overall, she's been able to reduce CPA and CPC by 12.5% and 5.4% respectively and increase overall conversion rates by 76.5%. Even more impressive, one campaign that seemed to be maxed out increased conversions by 201.5% and decreased cost per conversion by 66.5%.

The success PRWeb achieved with Conversion Optimizer has freed up funding and time that can now be spent on other aspects of the business. As Ms. Walker mentions, "I don’t have to bid for position or constantly manage CPC changes. Since my objective is to hit a specific CPA goal, the Conversion Optimizer is ideal.” To read the entire success story, click here.

Austin Rachlin, Google

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